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I purchased this app in its early version. That worked great, simple and without problems. The most recent update has turned a good app into an irritating peice of crap. There are advertisements on a PAID app and the app continuously asks to use your current location if you choose no. The developer is getting greedy and Im very dissatisfied at this moment. Fix it!

I like this

its simple, its free, and it supports my camera model.

Came with malware

I love the look and function of this app - but - it incessently wants to use my location, and it flashes non-related quiz questions that wont go away. I deleted it from my iPhone

Totally inappropriate app

This app should be considered SPAM. It continuously pesters you to use your location. A crawler at the top of the screen attempts to entice you to watch some spam for tv clips. One even wanted to register you for some sort of tv dating site or game. The prompts for allowing use of your location are incessant.. Deleted it immediately Matt

Annoying Adds

I too found the constant adds annoying. The app will not work unless you allow it to access your location. Similar to malware.

Spam alert

I got this to use the ap and shouldnt have to be harrassed by ads!!!!!!!!

Doesnt support enough camera models

Just purchased and already regret it. I own a Canon 5d Mark II, doesnt support this camera. This camera body has been out for over 2 years. If the app cant keep that up to date, there is surely more wrong with it...

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